French Cottage


This lovely detailed piece was painted in France.  From The cottages of Versailles. By Utah Artist Deann Rex-Free.  

It measures 8" x 10” framed in gold.  

My inspiration is drawn from the incredible beauties of this world.
My heart pounds and my eyes are astounded as I enjoy all the beauties
on this earth.  I look for beauty and inspiration around every corner,
in the pose of a person, the sway of a tree, the colors of nature,
someone’s eyes, the innocence of a child; all the many nuances of
color and form gathered from traveling both near and far.  I have
studied with many re-known artists and have grown by studying the
works of both the Old and New Masters in the US and in Europe.
Painting is such a pleasure and I love to study good and great works
of art at every opportunity.  Sharing my passion and my work with
others makes my life so enjoyable!

Deann Rex, Artist
Have a Phenomenal Day~~Every Day of your Life~~

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