A Day’s Work


Antique Original Oil

19th Century 

Signed by Artist

Curated from the Netherlands 

Art size: 23” x 15”

Framed size: 31” x 23” 

From Veranda:

“Decorating with vintage items adds character, uniqueness, and history that is often difficult to achieve with mass-produced items… Using vintage pieces can be a conversation starter and way to infuse your personal heritage, style, and memories into a space. Vintage items often have a quality and craftsmanship that is not often found in new items at a similar price point. Not to mention, you’re upcycling older items, which is a more sustainable way to shop—and so better for the environment!”

Things You Should Be Buying Vintage Instead of New:
Oil Paintings

“To really stand out from the crowd designers suggest looking for original vintage artwork. While they might be more on the expensive side, older paintings tend to have a piece of history you won’t find in more modern paintings…

Consider looking through stores for paintings that aren’t always in the best condition: Not only does character lie in those not-so-perfect finishes, but that beautiful portrait might be worth quite a bit of money someday! If an item calls to you and it has a few scratches and nicks on it, you can always find an art restoration company to help you get it looking good as new again.”

All vintage items have some evidence of wear which is part of their charm. The history and soul of the piece are in its handmade nature. 
May have minor imperfections due to aging.

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