French Style at Home: Inspiration from Charming Destinations

France is the world’s style destination, and photographer Sébastien Siraudeau has
scoured the hexagon to uncover eighty of its most charming boutique guesthouses,
each rich in the design details that epitomize French style. Thirty of these locations
are featured in individual chapters with photographs highlighting their particular
flair–from a trompe-l’oeil wall mural, to a damask upholstered chaise lounge, or a
simple row of ocean-polished stones. Those seeking inspiration for their own home
interiors will find this book rich in ideas for a wide variety of styles—elegant crystal
chandeliers may take center stage in one room, but a simple wooden bench, worn
smooth with centuries of use, can be just as captivating in another. Gently faded
neutrals create a quiet harmony in one setting, while another is alive with splashes of
vivid color. Sleek and modern or cozy and rustic, each of these hand-picked settings
is as inviting as a deep leather armchair. Organized thematically, these destinations
will inspire the reader to recreate the same atmospheric interiors at home. This
handsome volume includes a black book of the best design destinations the country
has to offer—from châteaux, country manors, and farmhouses, to urban apartments,
hotels, and B&Bs. A practical guide grouped by region includes price indicators and
online tourist information.

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