Sheep on the Hill


Antique original oil signed by Clinton Loveridge

This painting is an oil on board in what appears to be it's original frame housed in an box frame under glass.  The original frame is damage on the far right side which can be seen in one of the photos. Then, at some point, it was place in the box frame. The nice thing about the box frame is that it protected the painting from dirt, soot and grime. There is some grazing on the upper right hand side of the painting and some flaking on the right side edge.  This painting has been in the dealers collection for the last 50 years and this is the first time being offered for sale. We have not taken the painting out of frame and would prefer not to. We sell ours items in their original condition, as found, not altered.

The edge does not take away from the visual look of the painting. When we first reviewed the painting, I did not see the flaking so it's not too noticeable.
The frame itself measures 12 -7/8" wide x 10 -1/2" high. The artwork measures 9" wide x 6 -1/2" high. A small painting with extraordinary fine detail work my a master of his trade.
The Artist: Clinton Loveridge was born in 1838 and died in 1915. Some records show the dates a little differently. (b-1824- d.1902)
Although little is known about the life and career of New York native Clinton Loveridge, his surviving paintings document a long career spent studying and illustrating the landscape of New England. Born in Troy, New York, Loveridge matured as an artist during the 1850's in Albany, where he made a name for himself before settling in Brooklyn, New York in 1867. He became a member of the Brooklyn Art Association, where he contributed works to the annual exhibition from 1867 to 1884. At the National Academy of Deign, Loveridge exhibited his works annually for over a thirty year span, from 1867 to 1899. Sheeps on the Hill is an exemplar of Loveridge's signature style, which favors realistic and detailed depiction of the landscape at hand while drawing attention to light effects. The detail used to articulate the musculature of the sheep grazing in the center of the composition is offset by the diffused, natural light emanating from the sky above. With attention to the fine detail and realism of the scene it is befitting of a photograph.
All antique items have some evidence of wear which is part of their charm. The history and soul of the piece are in its handmade nature. May have minor imperfections due to aging.


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