Trees At Henry’s Lake


A Beautiful Original Oil by Guido Frick   

From Switzerland 

Art Size:  22” x 28”

Framed Size:  29” x 35” 

Guido Frick is truly an outdoor painter. "It might sound overstated, but I really consider nature as my original studio. It is because of this believes, that I claim the whole American West as my own and personal studio".  The German-born painter, who lives half of the year in Europe and the other half almost exclusively traveling through America´s western states,  just wants to express his huge enthusiasm about places like Montana and Wyoming, the Dakotas and Nebraska or Utah and Idaho. 

 In the early 1980´s he met with famous instructor and painter Sergei Bongart, and still considers this encounter as the most influential experience he has ever had as a painter. "Sergei truly opened my eyes and showed me the way".  By the 1970´s Guido had already studied with Professor Karel Hodr from Prague, a well-respected impressionist painter and art teacher throughout Europe. Soon Guido´s work was shown in exhibits in Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy, and most recently in England. He was published in "Maler Sehen den Bodensee", and in 1980 he won the Prix de Salon in Fontainbleau-Paris. "

 As a painter I do not like to be labeled. I am always crossing the borderline between Impressionism and Expressionism.  In art there should be no borders, no fences, no stop signs. I want to paint free and generous and be labeled Independent...always outdoors, in nature, not in a claustrophobic and restricting studio".  Guido's still life's are also painted outdoors.

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