Osguthorpe Barn

Osguthorpe Barn

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Blue Botanical VII
Azure Botanical 6
Delicate Birds I
Delicate Birds II
Delicate Birds III
Delicate Birds IV
Delicate Birds V
Delicate Birds VI


Measured Drawing Elevations
Measured Drawing East
Measured Drawing West
Laundry Day
Regent Park In Green IRegent Park In Green I
Intaglio In Gold IIIntaglio In Gold II
Intaglio In Gold IVIntaglio In Gold IV
Intaglio In Gold VIntaglio In Gold V
Butterfly Varietal I
Butterfly Varietal II
Butterfly Varietal III
Butterfly Varietal IV
Butterfly Varietal V
Butterfly Varietal VI
Chinoiserie Natura I
Chinoiserie Natura II
Garden Follies IGarden Follies I
Garden Follies IIGarden Follies II
Garden Follies IIIGarden Follies III
Small Intaglio Shadowbox IISmall Intaglio Shadowbox II
Autumn Trail


Paule Marrot Doves
Paule Marrot Viva
Rococo Gold and White 2
Rococo Gold and White 1
Morning Bloom 2
Morning Bloom 1
Paule Marrot Shell 2
Paule Marrot Poppies
Paule Marrot Portes des Fleurs 2
Paule Marrot Portes des Fleurs 1
Blue Tree Panel 2
Blue Tree Panel 1
Le Corte Florals 1
Paule Marrot Birds and FlowersPaule Marrot Birds and Flowers
Paule Marrot Roses de Noel
Bessler Study in Neutral 8