Osguthorpe BarnOsguthorpe Barn

Osguthorpe Barn

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Cache Valley SpringCache Valley Spring
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Azure Botanical 6
The Grand Tour Intaglios I
The Grand Tour Intaglios IIThe Grand Tour Intaglios II
Delicate Birds I
Delicate Birds II
Delicate Birds III
Delicate Birds IV
Delicate Birds V
Delicate Birds VI


Measured Drawing West
Laundry DayLaundry Day
Regent Park In Green IRegent Park In Green I
Intaglio In Gold IIntaglio In Gold I
Intaglio In Gold IIIntaglio In Gold II
Intaglio In Gold IIIIntaglio In Gold III
Intaglio In Gold IVIntaglio In Gold IV
Intaglio In Gold VIntaglio In Gold V
Chinoiserie Natura I
Chinoiserie Natura II
Garden Follies IGarden Follies I
Garden Follies IIGarden Follies II
Garden Follies IIIGarden Follies III
Double Pole

Double Pole

Small Intaglio Shadowbox ISmall Intaglio Shadowbox I
Small Intaglio Shadowbox IISmall Intaglio Shadowbox II
Small Intaglio Shadowbox IIISmall Intaglio Shadowbox III
Small Intaglio Shadowbox IVSmall Intaglio Shadowbox IV


Paule Marrot Doves
Paule Marrot Viva
Rococo Gold and White 2
Rococo Gold and White 1
Morning Bloom 2
Morning Bloom 1
Paule Marrot Shell 2
Paule Marrot Poppies
Paule Marrot Portes des Fleurs 2
Paule Marrot Portes des Fleurs 1
Blue Tree Panel 2
Blue Tree Panel 1
Le Corte Florals 1
Paule Marrot Birds and FlowersPaule Marrot Birds and Flowers
Paule Marrot Roses de Noel
Bessler Study in Neutral 8