Grecian Gold Leaf Sconce
Vendome Double SconceVendome Double Sconce
Etoile SconceEtoile Sconce
Vendom Double SconceVendom Double Sconce
Casoria 14" Double SconceCasoria 14" Double Sconce
Turlington Large SconceTurlington Large Sconce
Bedford Scroll Arm LanternBedford Scroll Arm Lantern
Cadence Small Tiered SconceCadence Small Tiered Sconce
Understudy SconceUnderstudy Sconce
Camille SconceCamille Sconce

Camille Sconce

From $439
Farfalle SconceFarfalle Sconce
Hampshire Picture LightHampshire Picture Light
Barton Wall SconceBarton Wall Sconce
Leeds Wall SconceLeeds Wall Sconce
Painted No.2 Wall SconcePainted No.2 Wall Sconce
Metal No.2 Wall SconceMetal No.2 Wall Sconce
Darlana Medium Bracket lantern
Darlana Post Light
Vivian Double SconceVivian Double Sconce
Hulton Single SconceHulton Single Sconce
Claret Tail Sconce with Linen ShadeClaret Tail Sconce with Linen Shade
Symmetric Twist Double SconceSymmetric Twist Double Sconce
Go Lightly SconceGo Lightly Sconce
Milazzo Medium Right SconceMilazzo Medium Right Sconce
Milazzo Medium Left SconceMilazzo Medium Left Sconce
Vendome Triple SconceVendome Triple Sconce
French Double Library SconceFrench Double Library Sconce
Lana Single Sconce with ShadeLana Single Sconce with Shade
Reed Single SconceReed Single Sconce
Delphia Small Single SconceDelphia Small Single Sconce
Gene Swing ArmGene Swing Arm
Gracie Tall SconceGracie Tall Sconce
Cranston Sconce LargeCranston Sconce Large
TT Double Sconce
Cranston Small SconceCranston Small Sconce
Aria Wall LanternAria Wall Lantern
Darlana Wall LanternDarlana Wall Lantern
Swivel Head Wall LampSwivel Head Wall Lamp
Boston Functional Double Arm SconceBoston Functional Double Arm Sconce
Boston Functional Single Arm SconceBoston Functional Single Arm Sconce
Single Swing Arm SconceSingle Swing Arm Sconce
Quatrefoil SconceQuatrefoil Sconce
Alton Pivoting SconceAlton Pivoting Sconce
Katie Small Globe SconceKatie Small Globe Sconce
Elsinore Medium 3/4 Wall LanternElsinore Medium 3/4 Wall Lantern
Cabinet Maker's Picture Light 30"Cabinet Maker's Picture Light 30"
Cabinet Maker's Picture Light 24"Cabinet Maker's Picture Light 24"
Cabinet Maker's Picture Light 18"Cabinet Maker's Picture Light 18"