French Soap


Savon de Marseille with Crushed Flowers soap 

The flower pieces gently exfoliate, while these dream-like floral fragrances of the French countryside enhance your room with pure delight. Each big, long-lasting block is more than 10 ounces. Each is an artwork by our master soapmaker and his generations of experience and dedication. In the heart of Marseille the legendary factory blends pure ingredients in huge, ancient cauldrons considered national treasures. Then, in a process both historic and modern, the mix is mechanically pressed into a harder soap of exceptional quality. Stamped with the iconic markings protected by French law. 

In the 6th century, French craftsmen combined locally pressed olive oil with the ashes of Mediterranean sea plants to make the first soaps. Today, dedicated soap-makers in the South of France follow techniques perfected by their ancestors and continue this proud tradition of crafting soaps by hand.

The ingredients are palm/copra/olive oil, ash from Mediterranean sea plants, water, and sea salt. For crushed flower soaps- the finest natural fragrances, colors, essential oils and flowers from the South of France are added.  French Soaps will always stand alone as the very finest in the world.

Made in France


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