He Will Return


Giclee  13 1/2” x 15 1/2” 

Marilyn Ann Omer Gandre was born in 1946 and lived her childhood years in Holladay Utah. Marilyn was lucky enough to have grandparents and cousins living all around her. Both sides of her family were gifted artistically and she was encouraged to develop her her interest in both drawing and music. Her parents noticed that she would make small sketches on any little piece of paper she found that lying around and encouraged this interest by making sure there was plenty of pencils and sketch pads on hand to develop her talent. She won many awards at school for her drawings and paintings including sterling scholar award her senior year at Olympus high school. 
  While attending the University of Utah on an art scholarship she fell in love, got married and then started her family.  Throughout the years raising her children, Marilyn shared her talent with her six daughters and many members of her community by teaching art classes and donated many hours painting scenery for school and church plays as well as many other opportunities to share her gift.
Marilyn created several small successful art companies that filled her life with creativity and a keen mind for business.  
When she was nearing the age of sixty she started to focus her time on Christian themed paintings. She found so much joy sharing her testimony of Christ through her art.  
Around the age of 62 Marilyn discovered that she had Parkinson’s disease and knew that her painting years were limited. She soon lost her ability to control her muscles in her right hand but considered it blessing-  a lesson in humility and patience, so she taught herself to paint with her left hand.
  This beautiful painting “ He will return” is one of her very last paintings. Each one of her family members has a copy that reminds us of her testimony of Christ, her beautiful gift and her love for others.

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