"I am a Light" Cuff


An affirmation: "I am a Light that cannot be hid." 

Jesus wants every one of us to know Him because of the transforming power of that knowledge and because of the indescribable joy it brings into our lives.

But the influence of the gospel is to extend beyond each individual. It is to be as a light that dispels the darkness from the lives of those around us. No one is saved solely and simply for himself alone, just as no lamp is lighted merely for its own benefit.


+Jeweler's Brass- Jewelers brass is a great color-fast way to get GOLD jewelry at the right price range. It is a slightly deeper gold color but rich, stunning, and never going to change. 

+Sterling Silver Plated Brass- Not water safe. Silver will eventually wear off.

+ .925 Sterling Silver

+Pave Crystal

+Adjustable, one size fits all


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