LOLA Blankets by The Fox Group


 Custom designed by Cara Fox in collaboration with Lola.   Available for a limited time only.

Life Changing softness and award winning luxury blanket.  You deserve to be comfortable.

The softest and coziest blanket you will ever have!  Throw the rest away!   Makes the perfect snuggle blanket year round and a fabulous gift for all ages. 

Large 60" x 72"

Medium 50" x 60"

Baby 30" x 36"

  • Elastic huggable stretch
  • Double-sided = twice as nice
  • Zero shed
  • Double hemmed for durability
  • Stain resistant
  • 100% vegan & cruelty free polyester
  • No two blankets are alike because of our handcrafted dyeing process
  • Machine wash alone in cold water with regular liquid detergent (NO fabric softener)
  • Hang to dry. Briefly tumble dry on the "air" setting to restore fluffiness



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