Molly, Olive and Dexter Play Hide and Seek


Kate Greenaway Medal winner Catherine Rayner introduces readers to a trio of animal friends in a warmly humorous story offering reassurance that true friends don’t stray far.

Meet Molly the hare, Olive the owl, and Dexter the fox, three friends who live near the oak tree at the edge of the meadow. Hide-and-seek is Molly’s favorite game, but things aren’t going her way. For starters, Olive and Dexter don't seem to know the rules. And when Molly shows her friends how to play properly, they hide a little
too well. Set in a delicately rendered pastoral world of soft color and shimmering line, here is a picture book that tackles outsize toddler emotions with sensitivity and whimsy. Make way for the singular Molly, Olive, and Dexter—ready or not, here they come!

ages 3-5 yrs.

32 pages

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