Orange Study 2


Orange Study 2

Giclee by Annai Smith

Framed Size:  8” x 10”

Artist Statement: "Bloom Where You are Planted" has always been an endearing quote for me.  Moving as often as I have, I've learned to lean on those inspiring words. Over time, I've developed a deeper understanding those words include not only our physical location in life but our situations, circumstances, and emotional and spiritual state as well.  The ebb and flow of existence initiates growth and change.  Sometimes growth is so minute, as a tiny, fragile apple blossom.  Sometimes growth appears dramatic like an almond tree's spring explosion.  And there are times when the steady, patient, nurturing growth of a blossom to orange happens within us.  The miracle happens with patience, effort, and grace. This series is a reflection on the blooming I've experienced during my 4 moves in 6 years.  Each pieces inspired by the plants in bloom in my past and present gardens.  All are a beautiful reminder of growth.

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