Textured Gold Aluminum 2-Tier Octagon Stand


14" h 11" w | handmade using sustainable materials | food safe

Care instructions: freezer to oven to table

- Wash each piece before use

- Hand wash separately using cold water & mild soap only | dry with a soft cloth

- Or simply wipe away any mess using a towel (w/ soap & water if necessary)

- Safe to use in any conventional oven up to 250 degrees fahrenheit

- To avoid staining, coat with cooking spray before each use - Do not place in microwave or dishwasher

- Do not leave foods/liquids in your piece for an extended period of time, especially acidic foods *when caring for & using your piece, keep in mind it has the potential to scratch, just like any other metal. If your piece begins to tarnish, aluminum polish can be used to revitalize.

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