Watering can 5 liter

Height: 22/32 cm Diameter: 20 cm Width: 47 cm Content: 5 liter Material: Hot-dip galvanized metal with brass shower head Our watering cans are produced to last for many years. They are made in thicker iron plates than normal, with stronger welds, and a rough finish. When the watering cans are finished, they are hot galvanized. They are immersed in a zinc alloy that is 460 degrees hot. The zinc adheres to the iron as a thick syrup. When the jug comes up again, it hangs and drips for 20 minutes. This is the absolute best way to prevent the iron from rusting. The jugs to be colored are then hung on hooks and run through a powder coating tunnel, where the paint adheres to the hot-dip galvanized zinc layer. This is where the jugs get the characteristic surface that resembles that too much paint has come on. But it is the thick and uneven zinc layer that emerges. The jugs that do not get paint, the ones keeping the zinc color, start a slow oxidation process. That is, the zinc slowly
Color: Green
  • Green
  • White

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