Tartan Plaid Tablecloth, 3 colors


Christmas Order Deadline is December 17.

Add timeless style to your holiday tablescape with our classic Tartan Plaid Tablecloths.

-Available in 3 colors: Red, Green and Black

-available in various sizes and lengths in Round, Rectangle and Square.

Looks fabulous to layer with our coordinating tartan plaid table runners  

Also works as a layering blanket at the foot of a bed to "season up" your bedrooms.


- 100% polyester

- Wrinkle resistant

- Hand wash cold. Hang to dry. Cool iron as needed.

Upon receipt of your order we will cut and prepare your order just for you. If you require the product earlier than our timelines indicate, please let us know so we can work with you to meet your deadline.

We've got you covered. With formal dinning often including your largest most elegant table settings, we understand you may need unique extra long table runner lengths. These rare sizes can be a challenge to find, but it's our specialty! Plus if you need a custom size we may be able to accommodate. Let us know what you are looking for and together we can create a custom piece for you.

1) Measure your tabletop surface length
2) Measure your tabletop surface width
3) Choose your tablecloth drop length: we generally recommend an 8"-12" drop all the way around for formal tablecloths. An 8" drop will have a more practical, less formal look. A 12" drop will add more drama and elegance (a 12" drop will generally graze the top of the dining chairs).
4) Double your drop length and add it to the two tabletop surface dimensions:

Tabletop surface length + (drop measurement x 2)
Tabletop surface width + (drop measurement x 2)
= desired finished length x width

EXAMPLE: For instance, if you have a 90" tabletop surface length x 40" tabletop surface width, and you want an 8" drop here's how that would be calculated:

Length: 90" + (8" x 2) = 106"
Width: 40" + (8" x 2) = 56"

Once you have your measurement, round up to the nearest size we offer, and that's the one. In this scenario you would choose the 108" x 59" tablecloth size. It will give you a couple of additional inches overall, but will be a great fit.

NOTE: If you have a wider table, it is not always possible to have the same drop measurement all the way around the table. In that case, we generally recommend a minimum 6" drop on the width of the table, and no less than 8" on the length. If your table is too wide for that let's chat customization.

Color: Red
  • Red
  • Black
  • Green

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