Hotel Giverney


Original Oil by Deann Rex-Free

Art size: 8" x 10"

Framed size: 15" x 17"

"This painting is of the tiny hotel we stayed in Giverney, France. Just a stone's throw from where the famous French Impressionist Claude Monet lived. His five acre home and gardens, Lily Pond and Bridge are famous as well as an Historical site. I will be doing a painting or two of that beautiful site of his home and/or famous Bridge and water lilies."

Deann Rex-Free’s inspiration is drawn from all the amazing wonders and incredible beauties of this world. She looks for beauty around every corner – in the pose of a person, the sway of a tree, the colors of nature, someone’s eyes and the innocence and beauty of a child in all the many nuances of color and form. Her inspiration is also gathered from her travels.

Rex-Free has studied with many renowned artists. She has studied the works of both the old and the new masters in the United States and Europe. Studying in Paris, France, was a “dream come true,” she said.

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